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New Seneca is a modern take on an important piece of underrepresented black history. Seneca Village was a neighborhood in the black reconstruction era of post-slavery America. Seneca Village was made up of about 225 predominantly black residents living in what is now modern-day Manhattan. During this time, New York required African Americans to own at least $250 worth of property and live in the state for 3 years in order to be eligible to vote. So, for many families, this neighborhood was their lifeline to be eligible to vote. Ultimately in 1857, the land was seized by the state and all the residents were forced to move. The land was seized to build what is now Central Park. New Seneca is a reminder of that thriving black community and is a place to show support to our black brothers and sisters with their own businesses.

American businesses that are black-owned
American workers employed by black-owned businesses:
There are 156 million people employed in the US as of July 2020

Meet New Seneca's Founder


Pryce Holmes

Pryce Holmes is the owner and founder of New Seneca LLC. Founded when he was 19 years old, New Seneca quickly went from an idea to a reality. Dedicated to the pursuit of black excellence, Pryce was determined to create a platform for black business owners to thrive. Pryce has lived in Colorado for most of his life. He enjoys being outdoors, playing and writing music, and photography. To connect with Pryce, follow his social medias, which are linked below!